COVID-19 Update – Level B – Return to Training


Update 12/06/2020

The NSW Government has announced further easing of COVID-19 related restrictions in accordance with the “Level B – Return to Training” phase effective from Saturday, 13 June 2020.

Training will be still continue as non contact but has increase from 10 to 20 people ( players and coaches) within in a quarter of a field.

Clubs and Players must adhere to the Public Health order and follow the Guidelines provided by Football NSW, which we have attached below.

To assist our member clubs, BDAFA have provided posters to be displayed at parks reminding members to regularly wash hands and maintain social distancing.

Coaches – Don’t forget to keep an attendance list !!!  We have attached the Football NSW resource to help out, but other handy ideas have been to take a photo of the players training or print out a team sheet with pre-printed names, date it and mark attendance.

Let all work together and follow the guidelines to ensure we get back to playing the game we love as soon as possible !

<a href=””>Return to Training Guidelines FNSW v2</a>

<a href=””>Return-to-train-Signage</a>

<a href=””>Return-to-train-attendance</a>

<a href=””>Return-to-Training-Requirements-checklist-FNSW</a>

<a href=””>FNSW_COVID Poster_LevelB_Coaches</a>

<a href=””>FNSW_COVID Poster_LevelB_Players</a>


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