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The Football NSW website holds a number of resources such as Forms, Declaration of Leagues, Policies & Documents and Rules and Regulations. It is recommended that you source policies direct from the Football NSW website to ensure the accuracy of information. You can find resources specific to Bankstown District Amateur Football Association below.

Bankstown District Amateur Football Association Resources

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12th March 2020 Circular

13th Feb 2020 Circular

15th April 2021 Circular

16th July 2020 Circular

17th Jan 2020 Circular

19th February 2021 Circular

19th June 2020 Circular

19th March 2020 Circular

19th March 2021 Circular

2021 BDAFA Regulations_v2 (as at 18th March 2021)

20th Feb 2020 Circular

21st August 2020 Circular

21st May 2020

22nd April 2021 Circular

24th Jan 2020 Circular

25th July 2020 Circular

26th February 2021 Circular

26th June 2020 Circular

26th March 2020 Circular

26th March 2021 Circular

27th Feb 2020 Circular

28th May 2020 Circular

2nd October 2020 Circular

31st Jan 2020 Circular

3rd March 2021 Circular

5th February 2021 Circular

5th March 2020 Circular

6th Feb 2020 Circular

9th July 2020 Circular

BDAFA Constitution (as at 10/02/2020)

Competitive Football (Grade 12 to All Age including Premier League) Team Sheet

Drinking on Duty

Small Sided Football (Grade 6 to 11) Teamsheet

Social Media Policy

Spectator Behaviour Policy