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As we continue to look at improving our services to our clubs and their members,  last week we welcomed a new staff member, Tyron Geany into the office.

Tyron joins us to provide additional support across multiple parts of BDAFA, Tyron has a qualified AFC C-License coach and has been involved in Football as a player and coach in Bankstown his entire football career.

Tyron is currently working on developing session plans for clubs to use across all age groups and we hope to have them uploaded to a share drive shortly alongside a plan to help deliver these session plans to coaches across all clubs.
Ty will also being assisting across many of operational and competitions activities and will also be shortly helping to launch Summer football for this season.


Weather impact

The last 2 weeks of wet weather has further impacted out competitions

Where it currently Stands

  • There are no wash out rounds remaining.
  • We will progress forward with the following subject to further rain. If we have any further wash outs we will need to re-evaluate and possibly wash out any further rain effected rounds.

Grade 12-21 Saturday Competition – Any further washouts will be rescheduled to a double header (Sunday games)

Ladies Football – Sunday Competition – Any further wash outs will be reschedule to night games.

All Age Men & O35’s  – Any further washouts will be rescheduled to a midweek night game OR a double header (Sunday games).

Men’s Premier League – Any further washouts will be rescheduled to a double header (Sunday games).

Over 45’s – We are reviewing this competition.

Division 1 Ladies| BDAFA & CDSFA Joint Competition

Last month a survey was completed by the participants of both BDAFA and CDSFA ladies 1/2 competitions. There was a great response to this email which was overwhelming in favour of a joint Division 1 competition between BDAFA and CDSFA.

BDAFA will now meet with CDSFA to work through the logistics of a joint competition for the 2023 season. Once this has been determined we will look to meet with the participants of the BDAFA Division 1 ladies teams and seek feedback before the competition is finalised.

We wish to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate your feedback and are excited for the future of ladies football.

Grade 6/7 Grade 7 Mixed

This competition has Two (2) games scheduled for each team at the same park this Saturday. This was to make up for a washout round.



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