Winter Competition Update 2022


It goes without saying that we have experience an unprecedented weather event for the 2022 season, this is off the back of two COVID interrupted seasons.

BDAFA, our Club Volunteers have been working hard week in week out to get our games played. To give some context this weekend we have only 12 full fields available and 5 fields that we can use for Small Sided Football to work with.

BDAFA had fortunately scheduled numerous wet weather allowances in the draw, despite the numerous washouts we have been able to reschedule with 95% of our washouts already, with the remainder to also be scheduled in the near future. This means at this point in time we have not effectively lost any games from this season.

We have now reached the point were we have utilised most of our washout rounds allocated for most competitions some still have one (1) washout round remaining.

Moving forward BDAFA will look to schedule the draw and run competitions as follows:

Small Sided Football

  • BDAFA are looking to schedule double games later in the season when more fields come online.  Much like we ran Summer football, each team will play two games on game day. Should the wet weather continue, we will look to schedule another mini Gala Day for each grade on a Sunday to give them extra games
  • Grade 10/11 will move to playing across the field to allow for more games in this competition to be played.
  • Fields that are not playable as a full field, maybe utilised for SSG if possible.  So venues may just play Small Sided Games only.


  • Moving forward in the short term any washed out games will be re-scheduled to mid-week OR on a Sunday.  Should the weather continue we will revisit the structure.
  • We will look for to shift game time in the All Age Men’s space to 12,2,& 4pm. This give an additional time slot across our fields.

We will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress through the season, we thank you for your patience


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