2021 BDAFA Men’s Premier League Update

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BDAFA wishes to provide an update in respect of the 2021 BDAFA Men’s Premier League, following multiple conversations with North Bankstown SC we regret to inform that Norths have this morning officially withdrawn from the 2021 BDAFA Men’s Premier League Competition.

North Bankstown SC have been stalwart in the BDAFA Men’s Premier League having participated in every season since its inception, including having won the inaugural Premier League Competition in 1978. The club has exhausted all avenues in trying to maintain their position this season in the Premier League however due to many players leaving the team their position has become untenable in the competition this season.

As we are sure all Clubs would share the sentiment that we hope to see North Bankstown return to the competition in future. We are also pleased that North Bankstown have been able to retain enough players to have an All Age team following their withdrawal from the Competition. We will continue to support North Bankstown in building the club moving forward.

For clarity, please note the following important information of how this will impact the remainder of the season:

    • All fixtures involving North Bankstown SC will be removed this includes Points, Goals For, Against, Gold Medal points & Goalscorer tallies. This is in line with BDAFA Regulations – Chapter A – Registration Regulations A3.6.
    • The now vacant position in the Men’s Premier League will become a bye.
    • For the purposes of any applicable Promotion/Relegation the now vacated position i.e. The Bye will be deemed to be the last placed team in the competition. Please refer to previous correspondence Board Directive – 2021 Men’s Premier League Promotion and Relegation Regulations sent out on 17th March 2021.

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