Bankstown Ladies Football is ready for its biggest season yet!


Excitement could not be higher for Ladies Football in Bankstown!

BDAFA are please to share that Girls/Ladies registrations have had an exceptional start with registration numbers nearly double where they were this time last year!

With ladies specific competitions ranging from:

  • All Girls SSF competitions in 6/7s,8/9s on Saturdays.
  • All Girls SSF competitions in 10/11’s on Sundays.
  • Girls Competitive Ages groups including 13s, 15s & 17/18s on Sundays.
  • All Age Ladies Competitions on a Sundays.

There is no better time to play Ladies Football than in Bankstown in 2021.

To join a club, visit the link below to find your local team: 

BDAFA are also please to announce the re-naming of our All Age Ladies Division 1 (AAL1), AAL1 has been aligned with the Men’s Premier League as our top ladies’ competition for a number of years although its name did not reflect the same level of prestige.

To bring these competitions into line, we have renamed AAL1 – Women’s Premier League. (WPL)

We look forward to seeing the best Ladies season yet!


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Be sure to register to play, coach or referee in 2021.


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